I've got a piece in this week's Bay Area Reporter but for the rest of you, here you go.
  1. Nick's Cove
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    The restaurant is fine but it's worth the very steep price to stay in one of the quaint cabins over Tomales Bay.
  2. Hog Island Oyster Co
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    A shucking good time. Reserve a table for a group. Nearby Tomales Bay Oyster Co is equally recommendable.
  3. The Marshall Store
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    All around good seafood and meats from the smoker.
  4. Rocker Oysterfeller's
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    No joke possibly my favorite restaurant on earth. Not fancy, but good and just plain fun.
  5. Fishetarian
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    Definitely the best chowder and a proper fry job.
  6. Spud Point Crab Co.
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    Gets all the attention for their chowder but Fisherman's Cove next door is as good and less busy.
  7. Wild Flour Bakery
    Awesomely hearty, hippie-grade breads.
  8. Osmosis Day Spa
    Rest in beds of fermenting cedar chips. A very unusual but ethereal experience.
  9. The coast in general
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    It's pretty amazing.