Not just the everyday.
  1. Spirit Works
    They made a splash (pun not intended) with their gin, but the vodka is amazing.
  2. St. George
    Since they sold off Hangar One, they're back with new vodka. The green chili is insane. Their agricole rum is also notable, with a curious black olive note. Their gins redefined gin in America.
  3. Grand Poppy
    Greenbar Distillery's liqueur is a game changer. Floral, bitter, sweet and made from all California ingredients. I fell in love with the first sip.
  4. Tempus Fugit
    You may already know Gran Classico, but they've gone on to bring back more 19th century recipes for liqueurs and vermouths. Their creme de cacao and creme de menthe blow all competitors out of the water. The vermouth chinato is also amazing.
  5. Carpano Antica
    Not new; actually one of the oldest quality vermouths still in production. Makes an amazing Manhattan, but also excellent in sparkling water. Like a grown up Coca-Cola.
  6. Screaming Queens
    Small batch bitters with unusual flavor profiles (hello Thai spice) and campy names. Made by gays.
  7. Westland Whiskey
    Washington-based distiller is not trying to make scotch; they're making whiskey with the true terroir of the PNW, using local hops.
  8. Old World Spirits
    Best known for their Blade gin, and Rusty Blade (aged), but I really like their nocino.
  9. Vinos de mezcal
    A class of agaves that are made outside the controlled regions of tequila and mezcal. Made from wild agaves, and often in extremely small batches in extremely remote villages. Wildly expensive. Best selection is at Lolò.
  10. Middle West Spirits
    A small batch distillery out of Columbus Ohio, their unfiltered vodka is made from local soft red winter wheat and is unfiltered. This results in a naturally flavored clear spirit with notes of vanilla, fig and butterscotch. Unlike any vodka you've had.
    Suggested by @eatthelove
  11. Core Vodka
    When selling apples wasn't enough to keep orchards in business, NY state legalized distilleries on farm property. This is made from apples. So refreshing.
  12. Clear Creek Distillery
    Oregon-based distiller was the first to do European style eaux de vie and basically launched the American craft spirits movement.