Family Recipes I Love

By family recipes I refer to my mother's side, which I grew up more closely with. Ergo, Italian. I documented a bunch on the blog in the early days, and revisited a few.
  1. Sauce
    It's not gravy, it's sauce.
  2. Stuffed artichokes
    Made these today. My mother's staple for Christmas and Easter.
  3. Pizzelle and cannoli
    In my family we make cannoli shells by rolling pizzelle while still pliable from the iron. Learning how this came to be revealed some surprises.
  4. Spaghetti all'aglio e olio
    Spaghetti, olive oil, garlic. You need more? Pure comfort food.
  5. Escarole soup
    My grandfather's favorite. SHCAROL!
  6. Pasta e fagioli
  7. Chicken scallopine
    We still don't know why what my family calls scallopine in no way resembles what the rest of the world does.
  8. Giambotta
    Actually I didn't have this growing up but my grandmother did, as I learned from her sister via hand written notes in the Sopranos cookbook.
  9. Rosette
    Easter time cookies aka anginetti.
  10. Ricotta pie
    Another Easter food.
  11. Pasta alla Franca
    Not actually a family recipe, but one that came into our life via a friend from Rome. Has been in our repertoire ever since.