By family recipes I refer to my mother's side, which I grew up more closely with. Ergo, Italian. I documented a bunch on the blog in the early days, and revisited a few.
  1. Sauce
    It's not gravy, it's sauce.
  2. Stuffed artichokes
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    Made these today. My mother's staple for Christmas and Easter.
  3. Pizzelle and cannoli
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    In my family we make cannoli shells by rolling pizzelle while still pliable from the iron. Learning how this came to be revealed some surprises.
  4. Spaghetti all'aglio e olio
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    Spaghetti, olive oil, garlic. You need more? Pure comfort food.
  5. Escarole soup
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    My grandfather's favorite. SHCAROL!
  6. Pasta e fagioli
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  7. Chicken scallopine
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    We still don't know why what my family calls scallopine in no way resembles what the rest of the world does.
  8. Giambotta
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    Actually I didn't have this growing up but my grandmother did, as I learned from her sister via hand written notes in the Sopranos cookbook.
  9. Rosette
    Easter time cookies aka anginetti.
  10. Ricotta pie
    Another Easter food.
  11. Pasta alla Franca
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    Not actually a family recipe, but one that came into our life via a friend from Rome. Has been in our repertoire ever since.