Like it or not, insects will become part of your diet soon enough. Don't panic: they're surprisingly not disgusting.
  1. Grasshoppers
    Chapulines, in Mexico. In a quesadilla. Innocuous.
  2. Crickets
    In flour form, in cookies made by a local company. The cookies were disgusting but it wasn't the crickets' fault.
  3. Maguey worms
    This was tough. They're big and wormy. But texturally and flavorally (that is so a word) not terrible.
  4. Mealworms
    Or, as Don Bugito calls them, Superworms! Not bad dried and dusted with spices.
  5. Ant larvae
    Escamoles. Kind of like Rice Krispies but earthier. Actually an enjoyable snack.
  6. Honey ants
    Covered in chocolate. Sort of like Raisinettes. But, you know, not raisins.