Rarities and oddities from the remainder of my vinyl collection

I used to have a pretty grand album collection, but over the years I let a lot of it go. For years I've kept a milk crate of vinyl in the basement. Thanks to a loaner turntable from our neighbor I've rediscovered it. Mostly it's a bunch of Depeche Mode, The Cure, New Order, and the like, including lots of 12" singles. But there are a few gems.
  1. B-52s: Mesopotamia
    Until recently this album was missing from all platforms. So I was excited to see I had it. Except, it turns out it's not a very good album. Produced by David Byrne, it's not a B-52s album. It's a David Byrne album with the B-52s as musical puppets. By side B it's all shrieks and jangles.
  2. The Art of Noise: Who's Afraid of The Art of Noise?
    Another album that's been disappeared. I listened to this daily for years. Remember the video with the punked out little girl?
  3. Eurythmics: In the Garden
    Their first album, never released in the US. Not very synthy, pretty moody. I still love it.
  4. The Assembly: Start/Stop and Never Ever
    After Yaz and before Erasure, Vince Clark squeezed out this little-known single with singer Feargal Sharkey. It's not bad, but not really worth reviving from the dead.
  5. New Order: Movement
    When Joy Division's lead singer Ian Curtis committed suicide, the rest of the band decide to move on with a new name. This was the first album, including tracks written by Curtis. This albums drips with the pain of loss and twinges of anger. I mentioned it in my list of enduring albums by selected artists (Enduring Albums From Selected Artists).
  6. Dali's Car
    When Bauhuaus split, Peter Murphy and bassist Mick Karn from Japan (the band) teamed up on this quirky and, yes, surreal album. Defies category.
  7. Arcadia: So Red the Rose
    For a hot minute in 1985, Duran Duran broke up. Half went on to team up with Robert Palmer to create The Power Station, and Simon Le Bon and Nick Rhodes created Arcadia. This album is supremely crafted pop and withstands the test of time.
  8. This thing
    I used to love buying random records at thrift store. This is still in the original wrapper!
  9. And this thing
    It looks like an innocuous classical album, but the A side is this bizarre Baroque piece punctuated with a narrator describing an era-appropriate surgical procedure.
  10. See?