Reasons I Love Derby Day

  1. The races!
    Just kidding. I don't give a shit about the races. Actually I used to be an animal rights activist so if anything I just pretend I don't care this day.
  2. Mint juleps
    It's frankly a shame this isn't in the regular rotation. Juleps rock.
  3. Sweet tea
    I drink iced tea unsweetened normally, but in this case I make an exception. Made a nice mint syrup.
  4. Pulled pork
    Gotta have it.
  5. Cole slaw
    Pulled pork is incomplete without it.
  6. Deviled eggs
    Or, more accurately pronounced, aiggs.
  7. Hats
    Johnny Weir shows you how it's done.
  8. Picnics
    Suggested by   @evan