1. She recognized very early on that life with my father would not make for a healthy home life, so she divorced him while I was still a baby.
    Really, this was for the best all around, though I did eventually develop a relationship with him.
  2. She raised me as a single mom while putting herself through school AND working full time.
    You try that.
  3. We were very, very poor. But I never knew it.
    She made sure I never went without.
  4. She never told me I couldn't be anything, nor what I should be.
  5. She didn't mind my crazy 80s hair days.
  6. She was nothing less than supportive when I came out.
    She admitted she was scared. This was the AIDS crisis after all. But she trusted me.
  7. She let me make my own mistakes and solve my own problems.
    But I always knew there was a safety net.
  8. After I got together with my husband, she hated that she couldn't find greeting cards that were appropriate for our anniversary and holidays. So she started a company and made them.
  9. She has had to make some serious sacrifices, even and especially recently, but she remained strong throughout.
    How can you not admire that?