I liked to collect stuff. Lots of stuff.
  1. Rocks
    Not specific rocks, just ... Rocks. That I found interesting. Later, when I started moving around a lot, this was the first collection to be jettisoned.
  2. Seashells
    Again, not like particularly fabulous specimens, just shit I picked up on the beaches on vacation in Cape Cod, Rhode Island or maybe Cape May. But sometimes people would bring me cool ones.
  3. Coins
    So many coins. I inherited my mother's cousin's collection of US coins but I was far more interested in international ones. I still have all of it. Some of it is probably worth something.
  4. Stamps
    Yup, I was a philatelist. Again, big collection, still have it, probably worth something.
  5. Bills
    Actual legal tender. I have some very cool and old notes from nations current and defunct. The artwork is incredible.
  6. Postcards
    I still have a couple shoeboxes of postcards from all over. I should probably just start mailing them randomly to friends.