You have one, right?
  1. Clothes
    Mostly older stuff we won't look fabulous but you definitely will want a couple changes of clothes.
  2. Water
    Change it every year.
  3. Water filtration kit
    You will eventually run out if bottled water.
  4. Food
    Military MREs to be specific. Cute little bottles of Tabasco and all.
  5. First aid supplies
    The basic kit doesn't cut it. Invest in bigger bandages and gauze, burn gels, and clotting gel.
  6. Pet supplies
    Don't forget the whole family.
  7. Games, books and other non-electronic entertainment
    That iPhone battery ain't gonna last forever.
  8. Cash
    A few hundred in small bills.
  9. Airplane bottles of booze
    For drinking, sure, but also to trade. Vodka can be used to clean wounds too.
  10. Hand crank charger
    It might be the only electricity we got.
  11. Book on foraging in Northern California
    It might come to this if we want to eat.
  12. Firearms
    Yes really.
  13. Saline solution for eyes. I imagine getting lots of dust in my contacts!
    Suggested by @TT