Ten Great Things About My Dog

All about Reese, our unholy terrier
  1. She's a rescue
    We got her at the SFSPCA. She was 2+ years old and had just weaned a litter.
  2. She's beautiful
    Black and Tan with a tight, glossy coat. Doesn't shed much.
  3. She's smart
    Takes training well, and by that I mean she has us thoroughly trained.
  4. She's very food motivated
    This makes the training part easier.
  5. She will walk as far as you do.
  6. She can fly
    No really.
  7. She could totally take the Buddha with one paw tied behind her back
    But it always just ends in a staring contest.
  8. She makes us laugh
    A lot.
  9. When she gets really tired, her tongue pops out
    Again with the making us laugh.
  10. But most of the time she is a nap/cuddle monster