All about Reese, our unholy terrier
  1. She's a rescue
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    We got her at the SFSPCA. She was 2+ years old and had just weaned a litter.
  2. She's beautiful
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    Black and Tan with a tight, glossy coat. Doesn't shed much.
  3. She's smart
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    Takes training well, and by that I mean she has us thoroughly trained.
  4. She's very food motivated
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    This makes the training part easier.
  5. She will walk as far as you do.
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  6. She can fly
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    No really.
  7. She could totally take the Buddha with one paw tied behind her back
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    But it always just ends in a staring contest.
  8. She makes us laugh
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    A lot.
  9. When she gets really tired, her tongue pops out
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    Again with the making us laugh.
  10. But most of the time she is a nap/cuddle monster
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