The Walk in a Park

McLaren Park in San Francisco is huge but underutilized because it's in an inconvenient part of town (though freeway accessible!) But it has one major feature going for it.
  1. The Philosopher's Way
    A loop trail around the park. They say it's about 2.7 miles but my Fitbit says different.
  2. It's punctuated with plaques for reflection
    Usually with awesome views, like this one of Mt San Bruno.
  3. It alternates between expansive open spaces
    Blue skies, gently waving sheafs of wild oat.
  4. And then in a turn you're shrouded by trees
    In a few feet the sussuration of wind in the eucalyptus and Monterey cypress can even drown out the roar of jets taking off from SFO.
  5. There's wildlife
    This eucalyptus had been molested by woodpeckers. The hawks were out today, noisily screeching. It got the crows in a tizzy. Pretty sure we saw coyote scat. Also, crows are jerks.
  6. And plaques
    This one was the most poignant.
  7. Everything is blooming
    Poppies, wild arugula and radish, so much more.
  8. Sometimes it seems like the world opens up just for you
    This glen felt like a tiny trip to the alps.
  9. Other times the trees seem to reach out for you
    If they haven't had their arms amputated.
  10. There are plaques
  11. And a water tower
    This is the only part of the park most people know, because you can see it from the 101.
  12. It's very schwing
    Quite impressive really.
  13. There's a lot of elevation change
    Hills and stairs, up and down. I did a lot of sweating.
  14. And plaques
    Did I mention plaques?
  15. It's definitely sketch in places, and the trail is not always well marked. But it has its rewards.
    Like when you see the entirety of SF laid out before you.