I am putting together two more trips in October and January to Emilia-Romagna for hands-on food craft sessions and general deliciousness. Wanna do some of these cool things with me?
  1. Make savor
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    Savor is a conserve made with quince, apples, pears, nuts and saba. It's delicious, and it's unique to Romagna. http://bit.ly/1xzLmni
  2. Turn a 400-pound hog into salumi
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    We work with a local norcino, a butcher who deals specially with pigs. It's grueling work but fascinating. http://bit.ly/1GW8Rqs
  3. Eat the best seafood of your life
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    Romagna is on the Adriatic and has the most amazing seafood. Trust. http://bit.ly/1M00sZJ
  4. Forage for porcini
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    In October we'll go to the tiny community of Portico and forage for these amazing mushrooms.
  5. Make pasta with little old ladies
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    Not just pasta but hand-rolled pasta. Tagliatelle, tortellini, and even an extruded shaggy pasta called passatelli. http://bit.ly/1BMLpqK
  6. Go to a truffle festival
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    Also in October we'll go to Sant'Agata Feltria for their famed truffle festival. Mmmm, truffles. http://bit.ly/1CPVKb3
  7. Eat amazing cheese that's been aged in limestone pits
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    Formaggio di fossa is a sheep's milk cheese that they age in pits under the houses of a hilltop town. They did this to hide them from Vatican tax collectors. Turns out it also makes it taste better. http://bit.ly/1GWbpVu
  8. Make (and eat) piadina
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    Piadina is the local flatbread. Stands are more common in Cesenatico than Starbucks is here. Typically it's griddles and folded around soft cheese, prosciutto and arugula. http://bit.ly/1GWc75d
  9. Learn about (and eat) Parmigiano-Reggiano
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    It's called the king of cheeses for a reason. Watching the production is fascinating, and you have not experienced it until you get the first whiff of a freshly cracked wheel. http://bit.ly/1xhjeF5
  10. Learn about (and eat) prosciutto
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    Freshly sliced prosciutto do Parma is sublime, especially when you see it being made. http://bit.ly/1GWcZ9U
  11. Learn about (and taste) true balsamico
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    The good stuff costs a fortune but for good reason. It takes up to 25 years, and so much volume is lost in that time. http://bit.ly/1xzOkbA
  12. Visit (and eat in) Bologna
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    It's the culinary capital of Italy, and one cool city. We'll meet up with the amazing Carmelita and experience the best the city has to offer. My husband and I cooked with her years ago.
  13. Eat gelato
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    Because gelato.