With a strong focus on ones that are walkable from my house with the dog. Now that you know, don't go to these, ok? Cuz then they won't be underutilized.
  1. Kite Hill
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    Best access is from Corwin St or Grandview Terrace. Clear view up Market St.
  2. Tank Hill
    The trickiest part is finding the entry: a small trail near the beginning of Twin Peaks Blvd. never anyone here.
  3. Jack Early Park
    This park is literally a deck at the end of a series of stairs and walkways on Telegraph Hill. I used to eat lunch here when I worked at Levi's Plaza.
  4. Sutro Tower
    There's actually a quite nice, flat park at the base of the tower. You're at eye lev with Twin Peaks, on the west side. Trippy.
  5. Mt Davidson
    I assume the views are good. The one time I went it was socked in with fog. Pretty, though. Even the giant cross.
  6. Castro Duncan Open Space
    Easiest access from Duncan Street but coolest by way of a rickety wooden staircase up from 27th that takes you up to two houses nestled in the park surrounded by quirky sculptures.