From Thursday afternoon to Friday afternoon, the water gods taunted me.
  1. Freak glass breakage
    After a conference I spoke at, I met some colleagues for drinks at Rosa Mexicana. The server poured glasses of wine all around--still something that amazes me. I lifted my glass to my lips, and the bottom sheared clean off, dumping 8 ounces of tap water down my front and on my phone. Fun.
  2. Unpredicted rain storm
    WTF? Forecast was sunny and 75°, but walking from one midday drinking event to the next we got rained on for a few minutes. We actually waited some of it out under an awning.
  3. More spilled water
    At the subsequent drinking event, a friend of a friend reached across the table to shake my husband's hand, and in the process tipped my glass of water over, dumping 8 ounces of water on me, and my phone again. But he was really hot, so I let it go.