1. Woke up around 8 in Bodega Bay. It was socked in with fog.
  2. Ate a breakfast of leftover tofu noodle thing from the day before.
  3. Made tea. Boiled water in a small saucepan and poured it sloppily into a mug. This house is not yet well supplied.
  4. Checked email, farted around on Facebook, etc.
  5. Contemplated blogging. Decided my important notes were on paper at home. Didn't blog.
  6. Packed up what needed packing up to go home.
  7. Continued twiddling on my phone/laptop while the husband washed the car while dealing with a work call.
  8. Drove to Freestone for possibly the best bread on earth.
  9. Passed by a farm I remember advertising Really Good Eggs. Purchased said eggs at an honor system stand.
  10. Tried to stop by another farm stand. Nothing for sale.
  11. Stopped for lunch at a new restaurant, Secret Kitchen. Not much of a secret with a huge bright green banner. Good food tho.
  12. Drove the rest of the way home.
  13. Chatted with a friend crashing in our place while she prepared for a date. Eyelash curler was involved.
  14. Napped, briefly.
  15. Showered and shaved, out of necessity.
  16. Walked to Dandelion Chocolate.
  17. Spent the next 3.5 hours learning how to make chocolate like a pro and also everything about growing, harvesting, fermenting, and drying cacao.
  18. Took a Lyft home with a kilo of my own custom blend of chocolate and some toasted nibs.
  19. Joined my husband and a dear friend for late dinner. Drank bubbly.
  20. Got into pajamas and watched an episode of Frankie and Grace. With bourbon.
  21. Created this list lying in bed late with a snoring husband by my side.