When people ask what I do, I have a short answer. But as I am a freelancer, it's not that simple.
  1. Short answer: I'm a freelance writer
    I've been writing professionally for almost 20 years. I started in tech, and was a travel editor for a few years.
  2. Slightly longer answer: I'm a freelance food writer
    I started my blog, Hedonia (http://bit.ly/1PfUSUA) in 2006, and have freelanced since then.
  3. More specifically: I write about food preservation
    I launched Punk Domestics (http://bit.ly/1EzJiIH) in 2010. Since then, I've been tapped to write on the topic for SFWeekly, Cooking Channel, Food Network, and most recently About.com (http://abt.cm/1IypRFX).
  4. I'm a community manager
    Punk Domestics is a community of contributors and readers, so I have to tend that garden.
  5. I'm a copywriter
    I have to take on other freelance work to support my food writing habit. I do product copy for Williams-Sonoma and for Din, a local company that delivers half-prep meals you finish at home.
  6. I sometimes write for other people
    I periodically contribute to the Bay Area Reporter's BARtab section, have written a couple things for Sunset, and have two pieces in the upcoming issue of Dinosaur Intl Magazine.
  7. I'm an email marketing consultant
    For the California Wine Institute, an advocacy group for the state's wine industry. I also manage the email communications for my husband's real estate business (http://bit.ly/1KZtDrl).
  8. I'm a tour guide
    I've been a volunteer tour guide with SF City Guides (http://bit.ly/1ATDOI5) for 14 years. I also lead culinary walking tours with Edible Excursions (http://bit.ly/1FhNBPg), and take groups to Italy for week-long trips with hands-on foodcraft classes (http://bit.ly/1ATDPvN
  9. I'm a speaker and instructor
    I've taught classes at 18 Reasons and FarmCurious, and have been a speaker and panelist at numerous conferences.