1. So when I was just a tot I lived in Atlanta with my ma, pop, two sisters, and one brother (baby bro not around at this point)
  2. And we were all in a cult
  3. Or rather, my mother and father were active members of this cult and us kids went to the private school run by the cult. My parents did not realize this was a cult at first. (Do people actively join cults knowing they are cults? Because that would be kind of silly)
  4. I was in kindergarten but I remember it pretty well
  5. This cult was Catholic and scary. Like it was messed up in a really subtle way. And it's nationwide too, and it's got so much money. So. Much. Money.
  6. Also I'm not going to say the name of it on here because I would not feel v comfortable doing it.
  7. So this cult had like, rules and stuff, obviously. But it's not like a sexy mass suicide type cult. (Sorry if that's what you're here for.)
  8. One of the rules was that you could never say anything bad. Ever. Not in public, not in private. No negativity could exit your lips. Strictly enforced.
  9. Like, being a positive person is one thing, but to not be *allowed* to complain or be upset is fucked.
  10. One lady my mom knew about went crazy because of this rule and would lock herself in her basement and try to chew her fingers off
  11. That was just one of the things about it. There were other weird rules and "favoritism" type stuff but that's the big one I remember
  12. I also don't know 100% about the goings on because I was not exactly a member
  13. Because I was 6
  14. But my school was a part of it and all my friends families were in it and basically my whole life was a product of it so I was p much a cult baby
  15. But slowly my mum started to figure out that this gig was messed and decided the family should move
  16. Also because she did not like Atlanta because it's Atlanta (no offense Atlanta) (but seriously so much hot pavement???)
  17. So my mum is an amazing lady and she's all like "um I think I'm going to dismantle this cult because it sucks"
  18. And so she started a whole committee thing and collects people's horror stories in order to publicize and remind the victims that they are not alone. Basically she's trying to shut that shit down
  19. She started such a fuss that she's been BLACKLISTED by the higher ups that run the thing
  20. Which means our whole family is listed as enemies to this organization and we have been shunned. None of our friends from Georgia are allowed to talk to us!!! They will get in trouble
  21. But that's just how badass my ma is
  22. And yeah that's p much it
  23. And at this point we all think the whole thing is hilarious and joke about ~the old times~ at the dinner table
  24. And I use it at parties as an anecdote when I'm nervous because hey, it's kind of interesting
  25. And now I've made a list about it because this train ride is long and I forgot my book at home 💁🏻