1. Mist App
    Tells you if it is misty out
  2. Gist App
    Half assed summaries of things
  3. Tryst App
    Like Tinder, but with a Shakespearean vibe
  4. Kissed App
    People discussing their most recent kiss. It's cute and not weird.
  5. Cyst App
  6. Dissed App
    An app who has been insulted and is very upset about it
    Suggested by @sky
  7. Pissed App
    Suggested by @evanp
  8. Fist App
    Suggested by @sky
  9. Spinalt App
    Suggested by @ChrisK
  10. Wie schön du bist App
    App for fans of German recording artist Sarah Connor
    Suggested by @agard
  11. Wrist App
    Only plays "Look at Wrist" by Father and people upload pictures of their wrists to a music video that updates itself daily.
    Suggested by @olive
  12. Twist App
    An app that is constantly playing "The Twist" and you can't turn it off
    Suggested by @sky
  13. Coexist App
    Helps hippies find bumper stickers
    Suggested by @13spencer
  14. Pissed App
    an app that's a safe place for you to vent about whoever or whatever you want, but people are supportive and the people you're pissed about can't see it somehow. or the British version of the app, just lets you know when you're drunk.
    Suggested by @Dustin
  15. Hissed App
    sound board of various snake hisses
    Suggested by @Dustin
  16. Myst App
    just a direct port of the semi-terrible first person shooter computer game from the early/mid '90s.
    Suggested by @Dustin
  17. Diss't App
    Like Yik Yak meets Lulu. You talk about a boy immediately after a date if he was shitty, load it up to his name, and it goes in his track record. All anonymous, all honest.
    Suggested by @olive
  18. The MentaList App
    Only lists related to the CBS show allowed
    Suggested by @mlh