Log entry begins at 5:53 of "Rock Lobster"
  1. Here comes a stingray
    A stingray is present in the aquatic environment
  2. There goes a manta ray
    The manta ray exits the premises. This could be due to ill feelings toward the stingray, but we may never be sure
  3. In walked a jellyfish
    A peculiar verb to describe the motion with which the jellyfish transports itself, as the delicate (though sometimes deadly) construction of the tentacles could never be expected to stiffen and hold the gelatinous upper body upright while striding forward
  4. There goes a dogfish
    A dogfish is witnessed leaving the area
  5. Chased by a catfish
    We conclude that the dogfish has left due to aggressions made by the catfish. Perhaps the dogfish was meeting the catfish under the impression that it would be meeting another dogfish
  6. In flew a sea robin
    A sea robin makes an entrance, looking dumb as fuck probably
  7. Watch out for that piranha
    Take caution, there is a piranha in the vicinity. It is most likely angry due to the fact that it is a fresh water fish in salt water and will very likely die soon
  8. There goes a narwhal
    The fantastic narwhal swims by, most likely heading home to waters closer to the fjords and the inlets of Northern Canada and western Greenland
  9. Here comes a bikini whale
    This marine animal does not exist and makes you question if anything the B-52s have written is credible