Our old kitchen was the dictionary definition of awful, and everything has been taken out and replaced. What's there now is just beautiful and actually functional and everything my mother deserves, but I can't help but think of the mems that were had in Old Janky Kitchen.
  1. My mother dancing as she cooked bacon and eggs for our family every Sunday after church.
  2. Covering my little brother head to toe in flour.
    We were little and I had an obsession with the texture of flour to the point where I had to cover someone with it.
  3. The whole family getting in a tight circle, putting our dog in the middle, and calling him all at the same time to see who he liked the most
    Poor thing peed on the floor he was so upset
  4. My mother teaching me when to flip pancakes.
    She pointed out the bubbles that formed on the surface, and got low to the ground with me to show me how much the cake had risen.
  5. Passing a bottle of coke between Catherine, Hannah, and me, trying to look for germs on the rim.
    We had just learned about germs and didn't know that they're microscopic. We were all convinced we saw a couple squirming around.
  6. The face my mom made every single time one of us cleaned the kitchen while she was gone.
    Like it was the greatest gift in the world. She was always so touched and so it was always worth it.
  7. My mother listening to an audiobook while she did the dishes before bed every night.
    Pride & Prejudice, Kristin Lavransdatter, or the history of the western world being told to the soft scrubbing of pots and pans
  8. The creaks and clicks every cabinet made, the quick ticking noises of the drawers as they rolled in and out.
    We had so many drawers. Just like, a fucking crazy amount of drawers.
  9. Serious conversations, tearful conversations, happy conversations, nonsense conversations, all had leaning on some of the ugliest countertops in the world.
  10. Really ready to make some new mems in the New Beautiful Kitchen, and I'm stoked to see my mama so happy 😊