Because I hate my first name and I have always hated it.
  1. Age 5: Simba
    I had just seen the movie and I guess I felt inspired. Family members tell me I would throw a fit if I was not addressed by this title.
  2. Age 11: Rico
    My older sister was dating a guy named Rico at this time and I thought it was the coolest name ever. So I had everyone in my 6th grade class start calling me Rico. Even my teacher. I wrote it on all my papers.
  3. Age 17: Sebastian
    When I got to college I realized it was a fresh start and I could go by any name I wanted. It started off kind of as a joke until I realized that it's just my name now. And I love it! I love the name Sebastian and I am so happy I picked it.
  4. These are all boy names and this is the first time I've noticed that.