1. Disgustingly genuine
  2. Heart of gold (we talkin 24k)
  3. Loves the D Tent Boys as much as I do
  4. Loves Holes as much as I do
  5. If she had to play a giant chess game to save mankind she would def be a knight
  6. Rages HARD and is the best and funniest drunk person you will ever meet
  7. (She's the best and funniest sober but it only gets better is what I'm sayin)
  8. Always down for a breakfast burrito
  9. Knew exactly what full house episode I was talking about when I said "room full of toilets"
  10. Looks like a vintage movie star
  11. Is a flawless designer
  12. In2 cool shit like flea markets and old crap
  13. Seriously a great friend like I would recommend her if you are looking to expand your social circle
  14. Could go on but I have sensitive fingers that cramp up when I type too furiously
  15. Oh btw this is about @sky