Nobody asked but here it is. Actually that's a lie, @dudleyjoshua requested a list a while ago which was so sweet! But not sweet enough obviously because I did not make a list. If you still care, Josh, this ones for you.
  1. October 2015. I pack my bags and move the fuck out of Boston to start a beautiful perfect new life in LA
  2. Get to LA. See new apartment. Get freaked out.
  3. Unfamiliar vibes are everywhere, a lot of crying and homesickness occur.
  4. So much homesickness. Also where do I get groceries? Where do I get new friends.
  5. I am just one depressed sack of shit. I cry a lot.
  6. Can barely leave bed, can barely leave the house.
    This goes on for almost two whole months.
  7. Just one disgusting baby in a grown up persons body with access to a bank account
  8. But the disgusting baby won't have money forever, so maybe start applying for jobs????
  9. I apply for the jobs. Many, many jobs.
  10. Get a freelance gig doing movie posters for an entertainment company.
  11. I get stoked. This was the dream!!!!! This was the goal. I have made it and things are happening
  12. Gig sucks. The people suck. Their dogs suck. I am severely underpaid.
  13. They are stringing me along week to week, teasing me with "yes maybe we'll hire you"
  14. I quit. I can't really pay rent at this point but I quit because fuck that
  15. Beautiful sexy gorgeous European company calls me in for an interview
  16. I dazzle them with my charm and talent. They dazzle me with their health and vacation packages and design opportunities. They offer me a job.
  17. I am thrilled. I accept the job.
  18. They email me later saying "we changed our minds, we gave the job to someone else"
  19. I cry a little. I'm out of money, but I'm going home for Christmas at this point so I focus on that and not the fact that a really shitty thing happened.
  20. Sister loans me money for rent. It's embarrassing to ask.
  21. Visit home.
    I see @sky and @dylan and they cheer me up and love me and it's the best ever
  22. Come back. Homesick again.
  23. Apply for every job once more.
  24. Get an interview at a professional surf company. I lower my expectations by 10000%
  25. They love me. They offer me a job. I accept, and once I start working there they can't stop telling me how much they love me and how great I fit in.
  26. And I love them too. I love it there so much.
  27. I feel good vibes every day since I started there three months ago.
  28. It feels so good to have made it this far.
    And I know it could have been a lot worse.
  29. But you could not pay me to do it again 🙃
  30. One more line to make it an even 30
    Woo! Thanks for reading. Love y'all💛🌹