1. First they start by playing the VMAs clip
  2. "What is that swear she used?" (It was bleeped out) "The c word?"
  3. "She looks so fake"
  4. "Her ass is too big"
  5. "What is this song she's talking about? Ana...conda?"
  6. "She has a song called 'Feeling Myself'. Ew"
  7. "She's SO fake" "I knooooow"
  8. "Like, her lips are probably fake"
  9. Now they are playing random clips of songs at full volume
  10. Nicki if you are reading this list please launch yourself into space to get as far away as possible from these ungrateful turd canoes
  11. Now they are watching the Anaconda video
  12. "She's terrible. This is terrible"
  13. "Oh that's him! Drake!"
  14. "Ugh it's terrible"
  15. At this point my soul has left my body
  16. "Thanks for showing me that"
  17. "Okay yeah it says here she made her butt bigger"
  18. They exit the train
  19. One of the train conductors comes by to scoop up my remains and sends them to my loved ones