I have not seen him in 6 months and I am going crazy. Seriously this list is gross turn back while you can.
  1. His tattoos
    "I literally don't care what goes on my body." He has weird shapes and abstract trees and birds and flowers and they all somehow look great together
  2. His bloody noses
    In the winter when it was dry he'd get them sometimes and ruin my pillows. I think bloody noses are hot though so it's fine. One time I gave him a bloody nose when we were ~roughhousing~
  3. Occasional roughhousing
    Sometimes we would wrestle and stuff but it was never fair because I am a scrappy dumpster baby and he is an extremely strong American man who is good at self defense etc
  4. His booty
    A booty like a goddamn Georgia peach. I did not understand the butt craze until I saw this boy's butt.
  5. Biting him all the time
    He hates this but he lets me do it which is very kind of him
  6. The sex stuff
    You know, that stuff. He's real good at it.
  7. The little freckle at the bottom corner of his mouth
  8. His weird high pitched singing
    Because he always has to be making some kind of sound because he has musical talent coming out of his butt. It's weird but good.
  9. Calling me "Sib" and "Creb"
  10. His complete and total confidence in me
    He's so encouraging and respectful of my art and the shit I do. He's so confident in me that I've started to be more confident in me.
  11. I'm can't believe I just wrote all this I hate myself
    If he ever finds this I will get so much shit for it