1. Articulate, articulate, articulate!
    I cannot be appropriately disgusted by your remarks if I cannot understand them!
  2. Wait until my little brother is not right next to me
    He will not want to join your Bros Who Yell at Ladies cause if he witnesses you harassing me! This is because after you drive off I list every possible way I would torture you if I ever see you again. It scares him. It makes him not want to yell at girls from cars.
  3. Be sure to have a buddy
    If you have a friend or two in the car with you to laugh at your hijinx, you will look like a wart licking asshole, whereas if you are alone you will look like a pathetic wart licking asshole.
  4. Try to cut deep
    Why would you insult my haircut? Why do you people always do that? I chose to have weird hair! I like it! Next time, maybe yell something about my comical yet very real tidal wave of daddy issues, or that my lists are bad.
  5. Know that you will not get tail this way.