My lease was up so I'm spending 6 weeks at home before I fly my ass to California
  1. Toilet paper is like 8 ply
    Not this half ply garbage that my roommates were buying
  2. Coffee maker with designer coffee pods
    I think they are designer because I cannot pronounce the names
  3. A little brother to laugh at your jokes
    Everything I do is hilarious to him it's so validating
  4. A little brother to fill you in on exactly what happened between Nicki and Miley, blow by blow
    Current events are important
  5. My mother is actually descended from angels
    She travels around the house on a cloud of mist idk how I never noticed that before
  6. Come home from work to FRESH ASS LASAGNA
  7. Wake up in the morning to LEFTOVER LASAGNA packaged up for you to take to work
    My name was written on it in bubble letters. BUBBLE LETTERS.
  8. The light works in the refrigerator
    Where am I, the Taj Mahal??
  9. Cable??!?!!?!
  10. My Dog?!!!?!!?
  11. Laundry is free and it's 10 steps away from where you sleep
    God is real