1. Showed up right in time. I've been in the waiting room for 20 minutes.
  2. The 2 receptionists are calling people to take appointments. When they are not, they are arguing.
  3. I could use a foot massage right now...
  4. Wow, I think we just witnessed the birth of the Spa/Dentist.
  5. Can you imagine? It's a quiet waiting room with a lovely smell and calming music.
  6. You can get aroma therapy or a simple chair massage until they come get you when they actually are ready for you.
  7. It's the buzzing sound I'd like to drown out right not.
  8. Headphones! Should have brought my headphones.
  9. And maybe some tiger balm for the smell.
  10. And thus is born the "home made" Spa/Dentist.
  11. Also they wash your car while they wash your teeth.
  12. So BOOM! You get out of there with a clean mouth and car and totally relaxed.