1. I support the cause
    Threw that one up there because every fall, we hold an event for the Simple Plan Foundation. It's feels good to see how many people like to get involved, donate and help out.
  2. I do me
    We were on tour and my good friend @goodguychady kept asking me for my opinion on things like what he was gonna have for lunch or what he felt like wearing... So I started telling him "You do you, I do me" a LOT! Then James Bay came in and stole it.
  3. Kweh
    It's a Final Fantasy reference. This one got me laid so much...
  4. New phone who dis?
    My attempt at being with it.
  5. I'd rather be purple
    Met this girl after the show that told me a really sad story. But she seemed happy to be hanging out with us. We were trying to get a picture together and the lighting was awful. Then she said "I'd rather be purple than not have a picture". I like that.
  6. All times subject to change.
    Got that one off a show schedule sheet.