1. Don't kiss strangers.
    It's Montreal, people great each other with 2 kisses on the cheeks. I'm just not into it.
  2. Fist bump!
    Chances are your hands are dirtier than the top of your hand. If you can fit your whole fist in your nose, then I deserve to get sick.
  3. Never touch your face.
    That one I hard. I've gotten pretty good at it. The thing is that we don't really notice when we do it. If you start realizing when you do it, you'll see it's a lot more than you think.
  4. Hot water with anything.
    Apparently stops the development of bacteria in the mouth. I just like the way it makes me feel.
  5. Lots of oregano oil.
    You out a few drops in a spoon full of water and swallow. Wait as long as you can before drinking some more water. I feel like the burning kills the germs.
  6. Sleep at an angle.
    Sleep in genera is good. But if all the crap moves around in your body, your cold might evolve in something worse.
  7. Clean your nose.
    Neti Pot. Unclogs everything. Don't do it everyday for the rest of your life, but do it when you feel stuffed up.
  8. Drink whiskey.
    The only tour that everyone got sick but me was a fall European tour. I was in my poker phase and every night I would have scotch when we played. Most of the band and crew got sick on that tour but I didn't.