Well... I live in a world with no weekends. Everyday is the same. There's show days and non show days. I do notice that my wife is home more and my kid has no day care on certain days when not on tour... Basically my ideal Tuesday night could be for anyday. Here goes.
  1. Let's assume that this is when I have to stay in at home.
  2. I mean that the person that requested this list wants to know how I like to spend my time when I'm staying in on any given day in the evening.
  3. Cuz if you're asking about a night on tour, I pretty much have to say "Playing a show and hanging out with fans" right?
  4. Wouldn't want to get anyone angry ;)
  5. But I do enjoy that. My evenings on tour are quite enjoyable.
  6. I have diner with friends. I get on stage and have a good time.
  7. Then I hang out with our fans after the show.
  8. After that I retire to my bunk on the bus where I'm gonna watch various cartoon episodes until I fall asleep.
  9. But let's get back to when I'm home.
  10. It basically all falls apart when I have to pick up my daughter from day care.
  11. They'll tell me she had a great day but man...
  12. As soon as she gets in the car, she starts making the rules.
  13. "Play my song" she commands.
  14. "We've played it 12 times today already sweetie. Now it's time for daddy music"
  15. After she starts screaming, she wins the first argument of the evening.
  16. I try to ask her about her day. But the music is all she hears.
  17. When we get home, I always push for some creative activity.
  18. Of course, as soon as I start drawing, she comes over and messes up whatever I was doing.
  19. I almost did a decent smurf! But she had to draw something weird on top of it.
  20. Then I freak out because I start doing the math: if she doesn't eat right now, there won't be enough time for her bath and story time later.
  21. I quickly put a balanced meal together as she clings to my leg to pick her up.
  22. Then my wife gets back from work.
  23. I don't just hand her over the kid. She's had a long day. She's exhausted. Shit, now I'm taking care of 2 people.
  24. After I'm done picking dinner up from the floor, I send the little one off to play.
  25. If she's quiet, she's pooping. More fun to come.
  26. After the pre bath routing, comes the bath and the after bath routine. This takes forever!
  27. Bed time already? How did that come so fast? Alright, I try to read some stories, but she's obsessed with turning the pages way too quickly. She's wants to see as many books as possible before I run out of patience and put her down.
  28. In her bed. Come on!
  29. A couple songs then I realize I'm hungry. I hear noise in the kitchen. Great, my wife is fixing us something.
  30. I hope it's tacos. But probably not. Maybe spaghetti? I could get on board with that.
  31. Damn it, she took her socks off and I can't find them. But if I turn the light back on, she'll re-energize and start playing again.
  32. Grab a brand new pair. Give her a hug and a kiss, tell her I love her and she says it back. I'm still a good dad until tomorrow.
  33. Back downstairs to have some dinner. Catch up with my wife.
  34. Probably watch something on tv cuz we talk during the day. We run out of things to say pretty quickly. Anyways it's midnight at this point and I'm tired.
  35. My phone says it's 8:30...
  36. Whatever, it's bedtime for me too.
  37. Gotta go to bed.
  38. I haven't been sick in a while, I'm gonna do what I can to keep it that way.
  39. I find my bookmark on the floor...
  40. What was this list about?