On a plane going on vacation with my family. Try to guess how many selfies the girls next to me took

You know, to make sure their Instagram was on point...
  1. 3?
  2. 36
    Suggested by   @ErinFlaherty
  3. There's the individual selfie and then the pair of girls or the group selfie. Depending on how many girls, the math is mind boggling. With the little details presented, I'm going with 25 at the time this was posted.
    I hope it's a short flight
    Suggested by   @MrsMuss
  4. 25 within the first 15 minutes 😎
    Suggested by   @DanielaM
  5. 12
    Suggested by   @ripnclebass
  6. 21
    Suggested by   @BWN_7
  7. 12?
    Suggested by   @lauraalmeida
  8. 7
    Suggested by   @Eleecius
  9. 9
    Suggested by   @rachelamadeu
  10. I assume two girls... so 16 per phone?
    Suggested by   @lullabelle0