1. I actually had an alarm on because I had to go to a press conference.
    Jeff, Chuck and I were present when the mayor of the city of Montreal announced a new program where Libraries across the city would now lend musical instrument in addition to books! Quite nice if you were thinking of picking up a guitar and wanted to try it before.
  2. After my morning engagement, I had lunch with a friend.
    He's of the "busy" kind. I called him last minute to ask him if he was free for lunch and he cancelled his plans. Nice. Took me 40 minutes to park downtown.
  3. Ran a few errands.
    Too many actually. Should have had a nap. Big fan and lately, I need them.
  4. Picked up my daughter from day care.
    She was happy to see me. Told me my beard was short. She saw someone with a longer beard this morning.
  5. Planted some flowers.
    The mint plant died in my absence. Maybe flowers will survive the next tour.
  6. Had a family dinner.
    3 of us sat together and had a great meal. I think the little one ate more than I did.
  7. Exhausted.
    Feel asleep twice while watching Tv. Going to bed before 10 tonight...
  8. Made a list.
    Phone off, bed time.