Kind of.
  1. Crying babies and sexy ladies
  2. Folks taking naps and practicing raps
  3. Missed connections and unpleasant erections
  4. Field trips and showtime splits
  5. Daydreamers and rude pole leaners
  6. Podcasts and pizza-fed rats
  7. Dogs in purses and scrub-clad nurses
  8. New York Mags and empty chip bags
  9. Creepy starers and Louboutin wearers
  10. Melted snow and kindles glow
  11. Mariachis and sneaky Instagram paparazzi
  12. Moms who are bossy and lots of spilled coffee
  13. Neck tats of names and fans headed to the game
  14. Teenagers kissing and old brakes hissing
  15. Drunk night owls and sandy beach towels
  16. Tinder dates and service updates