300 Kilos with a street value of 75K-100K each.
  1. It was the early 90's and sweltering hot in Houston.
  2. We had been working this deal for 18 months, with credible information that the bust would go down today.
  3. I stepped out of the shower, slipped on a suit, grabbed a cup of coffee, and hit the streets.
  4. The super high humidity, coupled with a hot cup of coffee, and just a "tad" of adrenaline flowing through my veins, had my suit as damp as the shower, before I even made it to the car.
  5. I slipped off my coat, loosened my tie and headed down to the coast, where our informant believed a large shipment of cocaine would be arriving in sealed containers on a cargo ship.
  6. With a variety of teams and task force in place, we waited patiently for the arrival of the ship.
  7. In a few hours, all of our hard work came to fruition... we raided the ship, secured and confiscated the evidence, and started the processes for arrest warrants.
  8. When all was said and done, we were sitting on over $25M dollars in cocaine, and a half-dozen major arrest warrants.
  9. Some pretty heavy hitters were tracked and arrested, and the justice games began.
  10. And this is where the story gets personal...
  11. Stay tuned for the next li.st in this story.
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