A great photo of a cyclone fence...
  1. It had been about six weeks since the bust, and things were starting to settle down at the station... All warrants had been served, bonds had been set, and we were tying up any loose ends, and processing all required paperwork to get our indictments.
    Further investigation showed that the dealers and distributors had even been delivering copious amounts of cocaine to area high schools.
  2. Between meetings with commanders, conversations with district attorneys, and dodging the press, I had very little time, over the last few weeks, to review the piles of mail, messages, reports, and other paperwork beginning to stack up on my desk.
  3. Somewhere around 3:00 in the afternoon, I found myself with a break in the chaos, and decided to stop by my office and get caught up on any mail and messages.
  4. A few minutes after sitting down at my desk, I picked up a legal size envelope with a typed address, and no return. There was no postage mark or stamp, so one would assume that it had been delivered by hand; however, there was no delivery receipt attached.
  5. With my curiosity aroused, I opened the envelope and removed the single sheet of contents, to find a very detailed, crisp, black and white, 8X10 photo of a cyclone fence.
  6. Huh, I thought to myself, "this sure is a great photo of a cyclone fence, but what's the purpose"... and then I saw him...
    Plaid shirt, little tan kaki shorts, standing by a broken-down yellow Tonka truck, under a large oak tree.
  7. As my heart began to race, I flipped the photo over, and written on a small square post-it-note, in scribbled, barely legible hand writing, were the four words, "I'll get you sucka!".
  8. Within seconds, I was in the passenger seat of a black and white, running lights and siren, enroute to a small private preschool on the edge of town.
    My feet were already on the pavement, before the car had even come to a complete stop.
  9. A few seconds later I was holding my oldest son in my arms, drinking in every bit of his essence... Overcome by emotion and literally laughing through my tears, as I tousled his hair, and listened to his tiny voice say, "can we ride in the police car Daddy?"
  10. The uniformed officer who graciously escorted me to the site, scouted every inch of the surrounding neighborhood, but did not find any signs of the stalker.
  11. It was about the time of the officers return to the school, that I realized that my son was not wearing the plaid shirt and kaki shorts that day, and that the photo had been taken a few days before.
  12. I knew this job came with many risks, and I realized what it meant to confiscate 25 million dollars worth of cocaine, boats, cars and cash; and to take away a man's freedom with a federal felony conviction.
    Statistics say he would die of old age, before he was eligible for parole...
  13. Although my heartstrings were telling me to run scared, my constitution was telling me to stand strong... That I may be feeling like my son is not safe, but if I don't stand my ground, all of our sons will be in danger.
  14. Stay tuned for Cocaine Part 3.
  15. (c) JackMason™