Building a habit that will NEVER be broken...
  1. I honestly believe it was my first day off in over 18 months. Even when I had taken a day off from the office or field, I had been tied to my home office, sifting through piles of research and investigative reports.
  2. It was a lazy morning... Ann had left early and dropped the boys off at school. I slept in, and had coffee on the back patio, while relaxing to the sounds of the birds singing in the trees.
  3. In the early afternoon, I slipped on some comfortable clothes and jumped in the truck to run a few errands, and then pick up a handful of groceries on the way home.
    My grocery list was simple... a bag of apples, some grapes, a honeydew melon, two bottles of wine and some gourmet cheeses... smoked Gouda is always my favorite.
  4. After stopping by the bank, post office, and hardware shop, I found myself only a few miles from the boys school, and decided to pick them up for a father and son trip to the grocery store.
  5. I loaded the boys in the truck, and found a front row parking spot at the store.
  6. This of course, was pre grocery cart with infant seat days... My oldest would stand in the middle of the cart, urging me to kick-pump the cart to race car speeds, while my youngest was strapped in his carrier seat, giggling with every bounce.
  7. As we rounded a corner in the produce aisle, I came face to face with the lead defendant from the Cocaine case...
    He was midway through his 30 day suspended sentence, and staring me down like I was his worst enemy.
  8. I nodded and attempted to push the cart around him, when he stepped forward to block my path, and it only took a matter of seconds for the following thoughts to cross my mind:
  9. Is he armed?
  10. I'm not armed.
  11. Damn it, why don't I have a gun?
  12. I always have a gun!
  13. But it's my day off, and I am just trying to take a break.
  14. Screw this guy, If he makes an aggressive move, I'll just break his neck!
  15. But what about the boys, I've got to protect the boys... and what if he's armed?
  16. About that time, I saw that smirk come across his face as he stated... "Cute kids Chief".
  17. As he was mumbling something else, I shoved the cart passed him, and quickly turned down the next aisle...
    Although I was still young enough to enjoy the thrill of the fight, I knew I had to get the boys to safety, and I still did not know if he was armed.
  18. After a few more quick turns, we were heading passed the registers and toward the exit doors.
  19. I pulled my oldest onto my hip, grabbed the carrier in my other hand, and sprinted to the truck.
  20. Without stopping to strap either of them in, I hustled out of the parking lot and onto some nearby backstreets... making sure I wasn't followed.
  21. When I was positive that we were safely out of harm's way, I pulled the truck over, strapped the kids in, and headed home... carefully watching to make sure that I did not pick up a tail.
  22. I called Ann when we got home and asked her to pick up some fruit, wine and cheese, and then began what would be a lifelong process, of proactive planning, to make sure that my family was always in the most safe and secure environments... and that I was ALWAYS carrying two or more defensive weapons, on or about my person.
  23. Stay tuned for the next compelling story from @secretagentman
  24. (c) JackMason™