An introduction to Sam Rayford...
  1. I spent the majority of the late 1990's, to the early 2000's directing state and federal task force projects (most of which focused on 3g offenses), such as federal felony narcotics, weapons trafficking, and organized criminal gangs...
    "3g Offense" is a term used to refer to criminal offenses that society considers to be especially harmful or egregious. It is listed in Section 42.12 (3)(g) of the Code of Criminal Procedure, hence the name "3g."
  2. However, the most rewarding highlights of my career came in 1997, when I had the opportunity to direct a statewide task force on crimes against children.
  3. It was in the summer of 1997, that I worked two of the most important and memorable cases of my career.
  4. The first case focused on the disappearance of a 14 year old girl named Jenny Baker.
  5. Jenny lived on the southeast side of Houston with her parents Robert and Eileen. She was a normal, healthy 14 year old with girl, with lots of friends and activities to keep her busy.
  6. Jenny's parents had purchased her a desktop computer, and the 90's were an age of online bulletin boards and chat rooms. It wasn't long before Jenny's outgoing personality caught the attention, of what would turn out to be, one of the earliest Internet stalkers.
  7. Stay tuned for How We Got Jenny and Johnny Back Part 2.
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