All's well that ends well...
  1. I wish I could tell you all of the backstories behind Jenny's case (so that information could be used to prevent future abductions)... What led to her desire to meet a "boy" online. Why was a 26 year old scumbag, posing as a 17 year old surfer, in a "teen" chat room.
    ... But I never got the opportunity to gather that information. By the time the case was brought to my attention, she had already been missing for over 48 hours, and the national timeline for getting an abducted teenager back alive, was 72 hours or less.
  2. The local police department had recently initiated a new detective division to track and arrest chat room perverts...
    But Jenny was already missing... He had already taken her, and he wouldn't be online again, until he was "finished" with her.
  3. The good news, was that he had been sloppy... He was talking to multiple young girls, and the the local detectives had gathered enough information from those girls, to know that he had planned to meet Jenny at a local shopping mall.
    Once again, that information was gathered too late to prevent the abduction, but at least we had a starting point, and an area of town to start canvassing.
  4. He had told the other girls, that he was 17 years old, 6'1 with tanned skin, blonde hair, and blue eyes. That he was an avid surfer, and that he would be driving a tan and white VW van.
    If the vehicle description was true, we had a pretty good lead. There would be a VERY limited amount of vehicles matching that description, register to addresses in the vicinity of the shopping mall.
  5. Department of Motor Vehicle records showed only one tan and white VW van, registered to an address within a 20 square mile radius of the mall.
    A search of the registered owner came back to a 26 year old male, 5'5, 140 lbs, with a criminal history a mile long, that included a prior sexual assault charge.
  6. We obtained the home address of the potential suspect, and setup a stakeout to watch the residence, while we sought a warrant to search the house.
  7. Stay tuned for How We Got Jenny and Johnny Back Part 3.
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