How open is an open mind?
  1. John McCormick 6'4 / 240, briskly shook my right hand, while placing his left hand firmly on my right shoulder.... "Good to see you Jack", he stated with a broad smile across his face... "This is Sam Rayford, and I think he can help you find your missing girl".
  2. Sam Rayford was lean and weathered; sort of resembled Tom Skerritt. He stepped forward to shake my hand and said, "Do you have an open mind?".
  3. As we all took our seats, John began to explain that Sam had a special ability for locating missing victims, both dead and alive. That he was a psychic who had been working with the FBI for just over two years, and had helped to solve 17 cases.
  4. I will have to admit that at this point I was quite skeptical, but in a short amount of time, Sam truly opened my mind.
  5. With time running out, and not a second to lose, I followed John's instructions and pulled my office door shut, told my secretary to hold my calls, and dimmed my office lights.
    Sam asked a few questions about Jenny and the suspect, and then stated that he was ready to begin.
  6. Sam sat quietly in his chair and closed his eyes...
  7. Stay tuned for How We Got Jenny and Johnny Back Part 5.
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