Tick, Tick, Tick, Tick
  1. After taking a few deep breaths, and with eyes still closed, Sam began to describe a small, unfurnished, one bedroom apartment, as if he were walking from room to room.
  2. He was positive that Jenny was being kept, restrained and sedated, inside the bedroom closet.
  3. I wanted to ask questions, but not fully understanding how this process worked, I didn't want to speak, and possibly lose the connection he seemed to have with her potential location.
  4. And then he opened his eyes... He seemed anxious, and stated, "You need to get to her soon".
  5. That was my cue to begin asking a series of investigative questions...
  6. What is the apartment number... He didn't know.
  7. Where is the apartment located.. He didn't know.
  8. And just about the time I thought I was watching a carnie scam, he blurted out "I can see the suspect... He's driving a tan van, and I can see rope, duct tape, and a shovel... I think he's heading toward the apartment now".
  9. I asked him for a location on the van, and he told me to hold on, that he would get me the name from a street sign.
  10. A few more seconds, and he had the street name, and the direction the van was traveling.
  11. With fingers crossed, I called for a patrol car in the vicinity, to see if they could locate the vehicle... and within a few minutes, a patrolman radioed that he had the vehicle in sight, and was requesting backup to make a felony traffic stop.
  12. Stay tuned for How We Got Jenny and Johnny Back Part 6.
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