Right place at the right time...
  1. Three patrol units converged on the van, just as it was pulling onto the 100 block of Patton road, which dead ends into a low rent apartment complex.
  2. While the patrol units were effecting the felony traffic stop, I furnished Sam with the name of the complex, to see if he could determine if that was where Jenny was being held.
  3. With the suspect under control, Sam could focus on the apartment, and in a few seconds he was "visually" walking through the complex, up the stairs, and to the door of the unit. The numbers on the door read "618".
  4. I radioed for a patrol supervisor to check by the complex and see if he could make contact with an apartment manger to open the door. In the meantime, I contacted the patrol units (who had the suspect in custody) and asked them to see if he would give us permission to search.
  5. The suspect refused to confirm his address, so I gave instructions for the patrolman to bring him to the station, and place him in a holding cell for further investigation.
  6. The patrol supervisor had made contact with the apartment manager, and requested that she open the door for a welfare concern, that we had probable cause to believe that a young girl was in danger.
  7. The apartment manager quickly complied, and the supervisor made entry... After clearing the living room and kitchen, he entered the bedroom and opened the closet door to find that Jenny was not there...
    Upon hearing that stunning revelation, I turned to Sam for help.
  8. Stay tuned for How We Got Jenny and Johnny Back Part 7.
  9. (c) JackMason™