While having dinner at the international finance summit in LA.
  1. Ben: Where's your wife Jack?
  2. Me: She's at home in Houston.
  3. Ben: What's she doing?
  4. Me: Probably in bed, watching TV.
  5. Ben: Does she like me?
  6. Me: She loves you.
  7. Ben: Let's call her.
  8. Me: Dialing number... Rings and goes to voicemail.
  9. Ben: She didn't answer?
  10. Me: She's probably asleep.
  11. Ben: She's asleep at 8:00 PM?
  12. Me: It's 10:00 PM in Houston.
  13. Ben: Right Jack, are you sure we called your wife and not your mother?
  14. Me & Ben
  15. (c) JackMason™