1. Take your time and you won't get hurt.
  2. Let's pretend three strikes and you're out, and this is the second time I have told you that.
  3. If I ran my business, like other people run their business, I would be out of business.
  4. If a man wants to fight, look him straight in the eye and tell him you are going to knock his part (the part in his hair) sideways... That should give him good reason to reconsider. If that doesn't work, tell him you are going to knock his lungs loose.
  5. His two favorite conjunctive statements — Yes & Ma'am, and Full & Disclosure. The first statement got him successfully through his childhood with his mother, and all of his adult life with mine. The second statement basically means to tell the whole truth up front... That carried him through every successful personal and business relationship.
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