1. Am I hit?
  2. I wasn't hit.
  3. Wait, I think I've been hit.
  4. Yep, that's blood, I've been hit.
  5. Why doesn't it hurt?
  6. Well it does kind of burn.
  7. Why am I still standing?
  8. Can I still walk?
  9. Yep, moving pretty good.
  10. Do I even need medical attention?
  11. I'll just stay focused on the job.
  12. That's it, feeling good... Getting the job done, adrenaline is really pumping.
  13. Ok, all secure now, everyone is accounted for.
  14. Wow, I am really bleeding now, doesn't feel hot anymore, kind of sore though.
  15. Hmmm, think I'm getting dizzy.
  16. Maybe gonna hurl.
  17. No... I'm good now, I think it's passing.
  18. Wait, did I just hurl on my shoes?
  19. Maybe I should sit down.
  20. Nope, still moving good.
  21. Wait, I think I'm going to faint....
  22. Zzzzzz
  23. (c) JackMason™