I'm really bad at writing book reviews...
  1. Shopaholic to the Stars
    By Sophie Kinsella, Her books are so funny and relatable, I've been a fan for years.
  2. A Walk in the Park
    By Jill Mansell, This is the first book I've read of hers. It reminded me of Love Actually with the intertwining stories.
  3. Dark Places
    By Gillian Flynn, Very dark and sad. A great twist I didn't see coming.
  4. Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone
    By JK Rowling, I've never finished a Harry Potter book, until now. I was the target age when these books were first published. I also had a hard time finishing books so I would read half and then move onto the next book.
  5. Is Everyone Hanging Out without Me?
    By @mindy, I loved it. It's the first memoir I've read and I found it to be funny, witty and relatable. I'm currently reading her second book, but with work it's been hard to get reading time in.
  6. 11/22/63
    By Stephen King, I couldn't put it down. I also didn't think King was capable of writing a love story but I was pleasantly surprised.
  7. To All the Boys I've Love Before
    By Jenny Han, it was super cute. I wasn't expecting to like the story as much as I did.
  8. Cinder
  9. Scarlet
  10. Cress
  11. The Lightening Thief
  12. The Sea of Monsters
  13. P.S. I Still Love You
    By Jenny Han, I told myself I wouldn't read the sequel but I did. In a day. While sitting at work not working. I really need a third one and I don't think that's going to happen. 😔
  14. Perfect Timing
    By Jill Mansell, I actually liked this one more than A Walk in the Park. I think it has a better story and the characters were feisty which was fun.
  15. The Titan's Curse
  16. The Battle of the Labyrinth
  17. The Last Olympian
  18. Toxic (Pretty Little Liars)
  19. The Lost Hero
  20. The Son of Neptune
  21. Go Set a Watchman
  22. The Mark of Athena
  23. The House of Hades
  24. The Blood of Olympus
  25. Finding Audrey
  26. Girl on the Train