5 Photos on My Phone, Chosen at Random

  1. Cat vs Turtle
    This is what happens when the turtle is too big for the sink when it's Turtle Tank Cleaning Time
  2. OCMD
    My home away from home. Take me baaaaaccckkkk 😩
  3. Cinnamon, the Kitchen Aid and newest member of the family
    I fought my sister and brother-in-law for it because it was such an awesome deal. My sister threatened to call our mom, it was a big thing in the middle of the QVC Outlet store.
  4. I think this was meant to persuade the boyfriend...
    I occasionally send him screenshots of dogs I want that very second and then 10 minutes later I realize what a bad idea it is to get a dog. And then the next week we repeat this again 🐶
  5. That's me, that's Adam Levine's butt
    Probably the best photo on my phone. The tickets were a birthday present since the concert was the Friday after my birthday. I thought we were getting seats by the aisle but really it was the freaking CATWALK beside my seat. Shout out to the boyfriend for these killer seats!