Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens... I've always wanted to do that!
  1. Waking up early on a Saturday
    The day feels more productive when I can wake up early and get stuff done! It's satisfying to accomplish so much and then realize it's only 10am.
  2. Sleeping in on rainy Saturday mornings
    Not every Saturday can be productive, but it's fun to wake up and hear the rain on a grey day.
  3. Walking around a bookstore
    I love discovering new authors I would have never thought to read. You can't get the same satisfaction of picking up a random book from a website.
  4. Sitting and cross stitching all day
    I'm secretly an old lady. I love cross stitching. It's organized, it's calming, plus the end result is always worth it.
  5. Sitting and reading all day
    There's a reason books are referred to as the portal to another world. They're magical ✨
  6. Disney Pandora Station
    It's my guilty pleasure. I love listening to Disney songs, if I could I would all day everyday.
  7. Watching movies with my dad
    That's our thing. We've watched movies together since I was a baby. We go back and forth with movie trivia all the time.
  8. Random Trivia
    I'm fascinated by trivia. I love to learn new things. One can never have too much knowledge and it's good to have a conversation starter in your back pocket.