1. Valley Girl
    Saying "trippin-dicular" isn't just for Valley girls.
  2. Fast Times at Ridgemont High
    Fast Times may be from the 80's, but dear God, high school will always be the same.
  3. The Goonies
    We've all watched it before. We all know who we are. I'm Chunk.
  4. Can't But Me Love
    Probably the most cringe worthy 80s movie in this list but it is the true essence of everything eighties movies are about.
  5. The Outsiders
    Don't try and pretend you don't have this poem memorized.
  6. Pretty in Pink
    It's not a 80's list of ANY kind without Molly Ringwald.
  7. Sixteen Candles
    Or two Molly Ringwalds.
  8. The Lost Boys
    Definitely the start of the Vampire obsession for everyone!!!
  9. Better Off Dead
    We /all/ relate to this movie maybe a little more that we think.
  10. A Night in the Life of Jimmy Reardonn
    You can't call yourself a 1980's movie fanatic if you haven't seen A Night in the Life