1. Eat breakfast every day. Don't forget to eat second breakfast. Second breakfast is important because you need nourishment. You're a world traveler!
  2. Drink lots of water. Buy bottles if it's not healthy to drink from the sink. Also ice cubes are made of water. You can put ice cubes in alcohol. Alcohol is great in Europe. Look at you being an adventurer!
  3. Eat a lot of fruit. Get your daily servings from a fresh pressed juice or smoothie. Also grapes are a fruit. Also, wine is a fruit?
  4. Walk everywhere. Walk to a park. Walk to a museum. Walk to a food cart and eat a crepe coated in Nutella and banana. You're walking!
  5. Can't stop thinking about that crepe? Guess what - banana is a fruit! Nutella has hazelnuts which have protein! You're killing it.
  6. Book an active tour. An example of this would be a glacier hike in Iceland. Hike a glacier and celebrate your hike with a hamburger and some cold beer. You deserve it. You hiked a glacier!
  7. Kiss a lot of foreign men. Your tongue needs a workout too, babe.
  8. Book an Airbnb on the top floor of a four story building. Hello glutes. Hello hamstrings. Even drunkenly walking up stairs counts as walking up stairs.
  9. Shop 'til ya drop. Lift those heavy bags! Bend over and try on those shoes! Reach up and grab that book from that high shelf! Is this a workout? It's definitely not not a workout.
  10. Take a lot of pictures. Lifting that camera from waist level to eye level is definitely burning some cals.
  11. Dance until your feet feel ready to fall off. Dipping it low? More like squat, stand, repeat. Am I right?
  12. Grab a hot dog from Døp in Copenhagen. Hello five food groups: grains (bread), fruit (ketchup), vegetables (onions), dairy (cheese), and meat (duh, it's a hot dog). You are the picture of health!
  13. Awkwardly ask everyone if they speak English. You'll gesticulate apologetically which is definitely making those biceps pump.
  14. Remember second breakfast? This rule applies to dinner too. Don't know what you're ordering so you just point to a bunch of words on a menu? Great news - you ordered enough for 8!
  15. Get day drunk and stumble upon a 42 m high tower. Power walk to the top, take some pictures, and squeeze those buns on the way down. You may not remember doing it but your legs definitely will!
  16. Eat some weird stuff. Never heard of it? It probably doesn't have any calories!
  17. Try to fit in at least one workout every few days. A couple crunches and lunges can go far and convince you you've earned second lunch too. Oh, I haven't mentioned second lunch? Yeah, that's an important one.
  18. Confuse Celsius and Fahrenheit. Grossly overdress and spend hours taking off scarves and jackets, shoving them in your bag, getting cold and re-layering, then start the process over again. It's called reps, people!
  19. Stop to get a bottle of water every few hours. Looks like you need some candy (fruit flavors!) to wash it down. Need another bottle? How 'bout a fancy local chocolate pairing. Bon appetite!
  20. Travel with your best friend and laugh so hard you get six pack abs. It's the best workout ever.